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Server Virtualization and Storage Systems

We offer scalable server systems for the applications and performance that companies need, from simple workloads to business critical workloads. The size of data in the corporate market is increasing exponentially every day, when we consider this as data integrity, cost and performance come to the fore in businesses.

Virtualization is the process of creating information system components such as server, workstation, storage, application, graphics processor and network on a software-based and hardware-independent virtual platform. Virtualization is the most effective way for businesses of all sizes to reduce IT expenses while increasing efficiency, redundancy and mobility.


In recent years, virtualization technologies have been widely used on data storage units. In this context, hardware manufacturers differentiate themselves with different solutions. Different solutions are offered from virtualization of disks on data storage units to virtualization of data storage units.

It enables multiple operating systems to run as high-throughput virtual machines on one or more physical servers. Server virtualization is a technology that not only provides greater IT efficiency, but also reduces operating costs, provides faster workload distribution, increases application performance, has higher service availability, and eliminates unnecessary hardware redundancy and complexity.