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Sophos Endpoint

DomainSolutions offers Sophos Endpoint Protection to provide various network management features that will secure your information and data.


Through detection and response, Sophos Endpoint utilize deep learning technology to prevent malware, credential theft and neutralize sophisticated threats.

Achieve unmatched endpoint threat prevention. Intercept X uses deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning to detect both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

Deep learning makes Intercept X smarter, more scalable, and more effective against never-seen-before threats. Intercept X leverages deep learning to outperform endpoint security solutions that use traditional machine learning or signature-based detection alone.


Intelligent Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

The first EDR designed for security analysts and IT administrators

Intercept X Advanced with EDR allows you to ask any question about what has happened in the past, and what is happening now on your endpoints. Hunt threats to detect active adversaries, or leverage for IT operations to maintain IT security hygiene. When an issue is found remotely respond with precision.


Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Intercept X Advanced with XDR is the industry’s only XDR solution that synchronizes native endpoint, server, firewall, email, cloud and O365 security. Get a holistic view of your organization’s environment with the richest data set and deep analysis for threat detection, investigation and response for both dedicated SOC teams and IT admins.


Cross reference indicators of comprise from multiple data sources to quickly identify, pinpoint and neutralize a threat


Use ATP and IPS events from the firewall to investigate suspect hosts and identify unprotected devices across your estate


Understand office network issues and which application is causing them


Identify unmanaged, guest and IoT devices across your organization’s environment



Below are the main functionalities, features and advantages that Sophos Endpoint provides to secure your business network. These components together create the core of your network security and safety.




Cloud-Based Endpoint Protection

Enhance your defences and simplify management with cloud-based endpoint protection. Intercept X’s endpoint security integrates with Sophos Central so you can access and manage your endpoint security wherever you are, any time. No need to spend more on infrastructure and maintain on-premises servers. Switch to an endpoint security cloud solution for smarter, faster protection.


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